In Guide To Install Skyitech Download Site Script !!!Full Guide To Install Skyitech Download Site Script!! [First Time On Net] —————-
1. Have skyitech download site script but dont know how to install?
2. Having skyitech download site and want to move it on another site and cant do that?
3. Have you brought skyitech script from sone one and he asking extra charges for installation?
But today i am here with its installation guide along with the video tutorial!!!
First you need to unzip the Skyitech script on server,
And have to import the database backup.
Now note down the database information in a
separate place. We’ll need it later.
Now see the file list below and open them one by one.
File list: (Edit Them One by One With Your Database And Site Details)
And change the database information and site information there,
You can also use find And replace option to do it.
After editing all above file just open browser and type your site URL and see if it works.
And I also made a simple PHP to do the replacement job of it:
Or For Direct Install, Create a File In File manager With This Code:

echo 'ok';
function skyinstall($site, $dbuser,$dbname,$dbpass){
$sitename= pathinfo($site, PATHINFO_FILENAME);
'oldsite tld'=>$site,
foreach($filearray as $file){
file_put_contents($file, $str);
Then Go yoursite/filename.php to Direct Install.
Thank U.
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  1. I have facing problem in latest updates code.
    showing 130+ records in 1st page.
    its not going to 2nd page.
    i have already Set UPDATES_PER_PAGE 50 in admin panel.
    What Can i Do??


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