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 Some Features

  • Simple script to create online tests and exams.
  • Allows you to add, edit questions and categories individually.
  • You can set timings for the tests and also can change the number of questions to be displayed in a page.
  • Responsive, elegant and highly customizable online quiz system.
  • Make changes in the settings and click get code to use it in your website.

coming Soon..!

How To Install?

Unzip Script.zip. to extract the files and folders.
Configuring a Database:
a) Create a database manually eg: “quiz”
b) In the browser execute the file mydomain.com/admin/install.php
c) Provide the database details like Username, Password, DBname, and Hostname.
d) This should install the product.
e) For Security reasons, please delete install.php from the server.
File Permission:
Set read, write permission to the file public_html/admin/auth/config.php
Admin Login:
a) Go to the page MyDomain.Com/admin/index.php
b) Use the admin user and password to login.
c) From here you can manage categories, questions and answers.

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