SociQuote v1.1 – Quotes/Jokes/Facts Image Post in Auto-Pilot

SociQuote is an application which has a huge collection of quotes,jokes & facts and capable of continuously posting as image on social media (Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr & Pinterest) on behalf of you. SociQuote has 160K content by default and posts the the content as an colorful image.

Live Demo

Demo Link: SociQuote Demo

Login as Admin 
Password: 123456

Feel free to create your own demo account if you are willing to test this app with your social accounts. Other users will not be able to login to your account. You can unlink your social account after testing. Demo is made only to show the layout and flow and to show how it works. Posting ability may be limited/disabled in this demo. 

Server Requirements & Installation

  • PHP v5.4 / v5.5 /v5.6 / v7 & MySQL v5.x
  • Make sure GD Library is installed, curl is enabled , mbstring is enabled, set_time_out is enabled , safe_mode is off, open_base_dir has no value, allow_url_fopen=1 and mysqli support is on.
  • Make sure Apache server’s mod rewrite is enabled.
[Note: If you get “404 page not found” error then make AllowOverride in your virtual host.]

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Filecad Link

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